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About Us

Rawasi Alimtyaz Recruitment Office provides many distinguished human cadre recruitment services for all work sectors, with permission from the Saudi Ministry of Labor No. (3711266). Besides, Rawasi Alimtyaz Recruitment Office is officially registered on the "Musaned" website and is compatible with all its organizational procedures.

Our office is characterized by the necessary experience that enables it to choose the best human resources that meet all the aspirations of the client, and is characterized by fast delivery on time, so it has become at the present time one of the most famous recruitment offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are keen on recruiting highly skilled human cadres to work in various specialties for our esteemed clients.

Not only do we choose the best from among the many CVs, but we also train the manpower who will be offered to work for us in a way that makes them able to meet all the needs of the individual sectors, business and mediation in recruitment. This is in addition to completing all procedures for recruiting workers and following up with each client throughout the contract period and responding to any inquiries, in order to ensure that we continuously develop our services.